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In a world where so many people feel alone, escaping reality using different methods. Struggling to find help in a system that needs to change.

Atalja & Andrea have a desire to help others to be healed, not just treated. They have both become deeply familiar with the darkness and found their way out of it. Everything they have seen, learned and experienced throughout this journey, they will now share.

Every Thursday they will be live streaming, talking about different topics that the viewers want to know more about. They will meet you with respect, love, empathy and understanding in a safe place with no judging. 

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Atalja & Andrea has a desire to help others to be healed, not just treated. They have both become familiar with the darkness and found their way out of it.
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My road to self-love and healing has been a difficult one. Growing up I never felt seen, heard or taken seriously. I went through my entire childhood, not being present. In school I was always daydreaming or thinking of other things than what was taught in class. My biggest fear was to speak in front of my peers or having all eyes on me. I wasn`t used to attention, so it became my worst enemy. Always hiding, never felling like I belonged.

Growing up in a Christian family, my real struggle began when I realized I`m not straight. My thoughts ate me up from the inside. Thoughts have great power, and they abused my mind severely. And on top of that, I have inherited the diagnosis as bipolar. All this conflict combined was too much and made me flee to the gaming community. Here I felt safe, included and a part of something greater. It became my sanctuary.

I have always had a fascination with psychology and how the mind works. But what I never quite seemed to figure out was my own feelings. Why do I feel this depressed??

My desire to help others and to make sense of my own feelings pushed me to study EQ-therapy. (EQ = Emotional Intelligence). An education that forced me to work through my own herstory. I can`t wait to share with you!

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Just by the power of being human, we share so much. For me, it was a long and unreal journey into the dark. With system failure already in child and adolescent psychiatry, I had to cope with primary school without the follow-up I needed. In fact, I lived much of my adult life, without understanding myself or my diagnosis. It was not until I fell completely into the black well and tried to take my own life, that psychiatry came on the scene. Still, I had to take responsibility for finding my way out of the darkness myself. A desire to help both myself and others – to be healed, not just treated – was fortunately so strong that I began my own journey in parallel with the treatment. By following my intuition in addition to the treatment, two things happened: I both became familiar with the darkness and found the way out of it. Everything I have seen, learned and experienced, I will now share. It is a journey that is about not only healing, but about flourishing. And it’s a journey that might have been your journey, or that touches you – no matter where you are in life.

I have already given lectures in front of students – about what I have seen, learned and experienced about health. I have a lot on my mind after a long life with challenges. Health, I have learned, is about understanding both the psyche, body and environmental influences – including the past – in a holistic interaction. I skinlessly share my personal experiences and give my advice and inspiration to those who wants it.