Welcome to Totally Mental Live with Atalja & Andrea.

In a world where so many people feel alone, escaping reality using different methods. Struggling to find help in a system that needs to change. 

Atalja & Andrea has a desire to help others to be healed, not just treated. They have both become deeply familiar with the darkness and found their way out of it. Everything they have seen, learned and experienced throughout this journey, they will now share.

Every Thursday they will be live streaming, talking about different topics that the viewers want to know more about. They will meet you with respect, love, empathy and understanding in a safe place with no judging.

Even though there are seriousness in mental health, you can expect much humor and self ironi. Why? Well, for Atalja & Andrea it`s important to bring humor to this, because they know from experience that challenges in life can be very heavy. And then it`s very easy to go even deeper because it`s too painful to handle. Instead they want to bring light and joy so people can find it easier to take action in their own life.

Thats why they have created the CHALLENGE! This will be a weekly content where the viewers can send in their challenges, that they want Atalja & Andrea to perform. They will pull themselves out of the comfort zone and do things they may feel resistanse for, and every challenge will be recorded. This is a way to grow within and care less about others opinion. By doing so they hope to inspire others to do the same, and show that self-esteem comes from within and not from other

How it works


Send us a challenge you want us to do, where we step out of our comfort Zone. Every challenge will be recorded and shown the next week.


Send us questions or topics you want us to talk about. We will do our best to guide you in the right direction. All questions will remain anonymous.


Watch us live every Thursday on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook.


Atalja & Andrea has a desire to help others to be healed, not just treated. They have both become familiar with the darkness and found their way out of it.

Here is a short introduction of Totally mental Live with Atalja & Andrea. Please send us questions or topics that you want us to talk about. Or maybe you have a CHALLENGE you want us to do?

Send us an email today and we will start planning our first LIVE session, that aires the 7 of January 2021!

Why customers love us?

Daniel Dalsborg
Daniel Dalsborg
Les mer
I experienced one of my most difficult periods in life, but EQ-Therapy sessions with Atalja was a true gift. Try it out if you need to find a different view on life. Atalja comes highly recommended.
Hanna Aanje
Hanna Aanje
Les mer
I met Atalja during my journey towards inner peace. She became an important element of warmth and empathy. I felt safe during our therapies and conversations. She has the ability to tune into my frequency and emotion in a way that felt tremendously empowering. Atalja guided me towards my own voice, so I could create my own path. She never claimed to have the truth, but rather helped me find my own truth. This contributed to a healing experience for me, and she has kept on supporting me on my journey. I am now in the process of qualifying as a EQ therapist. In this she continues to be an inspiration, both personally and professionally. I will highly recommend her as both a EQ therapist and conversation partner. She will help you find your own way and to claim your inner truth.