Your gamer therapist

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression or both? There is a way out.

Therapy sessions


45 minutes
With Atalja
  • Anxiety relief
  • Inspiration & tools
  • Dealing with depression
  • Healthy thought-patterns
  • Self-esteem & personal value

Gaming is often used as an escape. But it can also be a constructive and a giving learning platform, as well as a social focal point during lockdowns. Gaming sharpens the mind, is great for decision-making, and has mental health benefits.

I want to use my stream to show how gaming can enrich people’s lives, and how EQ-Therapy can make you a better gamer.


I offer 1:1 sessions.

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression or do you just want someone to understand you? I am here to listen.

All sessions are donation-based.

Donations are not expected but appreciated.



I will use all my abilities to help you become a better gamer. Giving you constructive feedback, helping you improve your overall gaming skills. I will also focus on how you are feeling – so that you can perform your very best!

Focus-areas: mental health, precision, flicking, awareness, perception, attention, memory and decision-making

What my Clients Have to Say