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Have you experienced an ongoing feeling of emptiness?

Do you experience chronic pain, fear, unease, anger or anxiety?

Feelings that is an unspoken part of who you are; a wordless company haunting your everyday life?

This might be emotions and experiences lingering in the subconscious part of you.

Cognitive therapy is a helpful tool fighting painful feelings and experiences.

Yet somehow it can fail to reach what seems to be the core pain or the underlying problem in a persons subconsciousness.

According to scientific studies, about 90 per cent of our day-to-day decisions is controlled by our subconsciousness.

Science has shown that most of our emotional patterns and subconsciousness is shaped in the age of 0 to 7 years old.

In other words: our childhood past greatly influences our present.

As an illustration: we can say that during the age 0 to 7, children are like a lump of clay.

We are easily formed and shaped by our early experience of life.

Around age 7, this lump of clay is put in the oven: it is hardened and set in its current form.

This is what happens to all humans.

Emotions and experiences, both good and bad, are sealed in us, non-verbally trapped in a hardened shape.

This is what has formed our subconsciousness.

EQ therapy goes directly to the hardened lump of clay, to the subconscious part of who you are.

EQ therapy gives a unique approach to the nature of our feelings, both old and new by using mindfulness techniques like closing of eyes, and putting into words what is going on in the body right now,

In this way the therapy form gives access to the way we actually feel. This gives an opportunity to reshape the lump of clay that was once set.

When we were children we were not always met in a nurturing way emotionally.

The goal of EQ therapy is, through guidance and empathy, to gain the ability to self-nurture yourself in a way that can reshape the subconscious.

The EQ therapist has gone through school and therapy to reshape their own subconscious and will now guide you in your own journey.

A journey towards a subconscious that no longer fights you and holds unspoken anxiety, unease or nameless pain.

But a subconscious that sustains a way of being in this world that is self loving, affirming and more peaceful.