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Atalja has a history with depression, she used to flee her emotions using gaming as an escape. Today, she is an EQ-Therapist and want`s to help people in the gaming community.



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My road to self-love and healing has been a difficult one. Growing up I never felt seen, heard or taken seriously. I was always second to last. I went through my entire childhood, not being present. In school I was always daydreaming or thinking of other things than what was taught in class. My biggest fear was to speak in front of my peers or having all eyes on me. I wasn`t used to attention, so it became my worst enemy. Always hiding, never feeling like I belonged.

I have always had a fascination with psychology and how the mind works. But what I never quite seemed to figure out was my own feelings. Why do I feel this depressed, why do I always feel left out?

My desire to help others and to make sense of my own emotions inspired me to study EQ-therapy. (EQ = Emotional Intelligence).

An education that forced me to work through my own backpack (history) and it also required multiple therapies – both to give and to receive. I recommend it wholeheartedly!

I aspire to show you how cleaning your backpack can improve your life in every specter. I will share everything I have seen, learned and experienced. I can`t wait to share with you!

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